Meet The Owners


Silvio Cuomo: Executive Chef/Owner

Silvio Cuomo was born and raised in Naples, Italy. His passion for cooking began at a very young age. He would often times sneak into the kitchen and prepare dishes while his mother and father were away at work. After high school, Silvio attended culinary school in Naples.

After working for many years in Italy, Silvio decided to visit the United States in 2006. He worked in several Denver area establishments before following his dreams of running his own restaurant.

Being the Executive Chef at Parma allows Silvio the opportunity to be creative and adventurous with his dishes. When not in the kitchen, Silvio loves traveling with his wife and spending quality time with family.


Emilio Perna Ruggiero: General Manager/Owner

Emilio has 12 years of experience in the restaurant business, notably at Antica Roma and Acqua Pazza in Boulder, and Pane e Vino in Louisville. He has also opened the Amante Coffee realties in Boulder and worked with some of the most prestigious companies in the wine industry.


Arthur L. Annecharico: Co-Owner

A three-time Emmy Award winning television producer, Art has decided to expand his horizons during his retirement as a partner in Parma Trattoria and Mozzarella Bar. Being of Italian heritage and a lover of great Italian cuisine, his new interest in Italian cooking has led to a perfect partnership. As the largest independent television producer, The Arthur Company made its mark in Los Angeles during the 80’s and 90’s with over 900 hours of TV programming to its credit. Such shows as AirWolf, FBI, the untold stories, The New Munsters and many sitcoms were produced by him. Arthur retired and moved to Boulder where he pursues his many interests with his wife and family, his 1935 WACO biplane, his Harley motorcycles, film projects for charitable groups, and extensive world-wide travel. He’s looking forward to a long and tasty relationship at PARMA.